Trailer Review – First Full Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer Debuts!

This years Comic Con promised a ton of a surprises and it didn’t disappoint. Geeks rejoice and prepare to have the biggest nergasm of your life as we finally get more of action, politics and grittiness in this debut trailer, so hit the jump!

Happy 30th Birthday, The Breakfast Club!

Forget Sixteen Candles, it’s time to blow out thirty of them as one of the biggest cult hits in the world celebrated a very important birthday this year while two of the stars and signifcant figures of the 80’s, Molly Ringwald and Ally Sheedy visited SXSW festival to commemorate the movie that captured a generation.

Review: 87th Academy Awards (Oscars 2015)

While audiences were divided by last years Ellen DeGeneres hosting of the Oscars, last night saw fan favourite and all-round nice guy Neil Patrick Harris take the terrifying job of entertaining millions of people throughout a bloated almost 4 hour global event. But how did he fair on the biggest and most glamorous night of […]