Happy 30th Birthday, The Breakfast Club!

Forget Sixteen Candles, it’s time to blow out thirty of them as one of the biggest cult hits in the world celebrated a very important birthday this year while two of the stars and signifcant figures of the 80’s, Molly Ringwald and Ally Sheedy visited SXSW festival to commemorate the movie that captured a generation.

Review: 87th Academy Awards (Oscars 2015)

While audiences were divided by last years Ellen DeGeneres hosting of the Oscars, last night saw fan favourite and all-round nice guy Neil Patrick Harris take the terrifying job of entertaining millions of people throughout a bloated almost 4 hour global event. But how did he fair on the biggest and most glamorous night of […]

Hack Attack: Is Sony in Trouble?

In case you’e been living under a rock lately, something major has happened to the media industry. Over at Sony Pictures (the company respondible for the delightful,high quality Spider-Man, Men in Black and Resident Evil franchises…) the corporaton found itself under a massive cyber attack, their computers were invaded by an apparent hacktivist group referred […]