Pick of the Week: Zella Day – Hypnotic

Zella-Day-Hypnotic-20141Spotlighting one of 2015’s pop ermerging pop darlings, I’m here to present to you, Zella Day, a memorable name that was destined for fame and her single ‘Hypnotic’ surely won’t disappoint.

In one of the most addictive songs to burst onto the scene, this track from Arizona-born Day has all the right makings of a track that will have you humming the tune all year round. While she has been described as a “happier Lana Del Rey” which isn’t untrue, I’d liken her to a vintage Kate Bush in the modern age: with her lyrics of love and lust, her haunting high-pitched ghostly vocals and her timeless style.

In the song, she describes how she is drawn to a dangerous lover who is “magnetic” while a sultry introduction to the addictive chorus draws our ears in with five simple words, “you really got me now”. The backing explodes with wild-west strings combined with a poptastic overlay of punchy beats and delivering an audio-sizzle for the ages, “Hypnotic taking over me, make me feel like someone else, you got me talking in my sleep.” she confesses to the man in her dreams,  while her vocals are perfectly walking a fine line between a great love and a dangerous lust; the perfect balance of desire and sense.


Check out the stylish music video below:

As you can see from frame one, Hypnotic features stellar visuals, with impressive cinematography and directing skills that completely do justice to the song it’s presenting.  You can’t look away as you watch Zella’s beautiful looking antics, from hopping onto the back of a horse to sharing a bath with one. Not to mention the hot chemistry she shares with her cowboy lover.

The styling is on point in every segment of the video that only add to the stunning visual acid trip you’ll no doubt want to keep viewing over and over again, I’d even go as far to say it’s a three minute Tarantino movie, if Tarantino was high.


Overall, this underrated tune is one of my favourites of the year. It hooked and reeled me in from the first 5 seconds and whether she’s a Lana or a Kate Bush, Zella Day is her own fiery entity, an embodiment of a woman who will make her mark on the world very soon, and I am officially excited.


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