Hot Trailer: Marvel’s Ant-Man

np041315_antman_articleWith Avengers: Age of Ultron due out very very soon, Marvel has been steadily upping the publicity on its next feature about a very very tiny hero with a name that doesn’t exactly have the masculine flavour of let’s say Iron Man or Captain America.

The second full trailer for Ant-Man is finally here and after the former trailer was incredibly lackluster (and that’s being kind…) this new one does not disappoint.

Ant-Man, directed by Edgar Wright Peyton Reed (Yes Man, Bring it On) introduces us to Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) an ex-con, tasked by renowned scientist Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) to steal something very important from greedy businessman Darren Cross (Corey Stoll) but to do this he’ll need the help of Pym’s daughter Hope (Evangeline Lily) and a powerful suit that grants him the incredible ability to shrink in size but increase in strength…and control ants.

Now this is how you introduce the world to a hero like this, by giving him a trailer worthy of promising a real entertaining time. Impressive CGI shots and some funny comedic moments highlight the fun feel that Ant-Man seems to be going for, which I’m sure will contrast with the very dark and psychological Avengers sequel in an appealing way. The Thomas the Tank Engine scene is pretty damn funny.

Some dialogue worries me, it sounds generically manufactured to the point of cheesiness which is a turn off while Rudd of course is playing the same character he always does, only this time he has superpowers. It’s blatant self-awareness should offer some attraction

to fans who really think the concept of a shrinking hero is silly, in comparison to god-like larger than life heroes already established within the cinematic universe.

A major highlight and flaw to be seen is the villain. Cross feels like the generic power hungry businessman we have seen in all three of the Iron Man movies and his super-villain form is focused on far too much, although it looks pretty amazing. But where’s the mystery?


You can view the trailer below:


It gets a big thumbs up from The Cherry Pop!

Ant-Man hits theatres on July 17
Directed by Peyton Reed
Screenplay by Adam McKay and Paul Rudd
Paul Rudd as Scott Lang / Ant-Man
Michael Douglas as Hank Pym
Evangeline Lily as Hope Van Dyne
Corey Stoll as Darren Cross / Yellowjacket
Bobby Cannavale as Paxton
Judy Greer as Maggie
Michael Pena as Luis
and John Slattery as Howard Stark


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