Hot Trailer: Orange is the New Black Season 3!

oitnb-640x360Be prepared for prison this June as the ladies of Litchfield return for the third season of the hit Netflix dramedy and the new trailer promises a bitchin’ good time with fresh meat, catfights and more Crazy Eyes!

Season two left off with so many twists and turns including the brilliant escape of the mysterious and deadly Rosa, who made a Fast and Furious style get-away, making quick road kill of everyone’s favourite villain Queen Vee.

Now we look ahead to see what the next installment has in store, what we know for sure is that Jason Biggs, who as we all know played Piper’s ex Larry, will not be returning and will more than likely be making sweet love to her best friend. This, paired with the fact that Laura Prepon is back as a regular fixture of Litchfield of course means we’ll be getting more steamy action or potentially a full relationship from lesbian lovers Piper and Alex.

But is there such thing as happily ever after in prison? I think not, because Australian DJ Ruby OITNB_3111021_02678_R-1428595825Rose has joined the cast as Stella, who is set to drive a romantic wedge between them. Judging from this picture from Miss Rose’s insta, she’ll have no qualms getting whichever girl she sets her eyes on.

But that’s not all that’s new this year, the sexiest guy to ever sport a Pornstache won’t be back but his mother will be making her debut, played by Mary Steenburgen (Step Brothers, Elf) perhaps shaking things up with Daya? who knows.

Here is the unapologetic trailer we’ve been waiting for:

My discoveries and questions:

  • Big Boo’s new makeover, who’s she trying to impress?
  • “The Bettie Page of Litchfield” – Alex returns, to the surprise of everyone… including herself.
  • Norma and Brook Soso’s cafeteria embrace, aren’t they just so adorable?
  • “The world is better in black and white…and Red” – yes! The Red Queen of prison is sure to climb her way back to the top again, what with Vee very clearly gone.
  • Ruby Rose as Stella, throwing a flirtatious wink to Piper, who reciprocates with a smile. I smell trouble.
  • Oh damn! A showdown between Sophia and Gloria is on the horizon.
  • Nicky in civilian clothes, hopefully this means a Nicky-centric episode!
  • What’s that we see? A fist fight between Alex and new inmate Lori Petty as Lolly.
  • The best part of course – Crazy Eye’s explaining one of her wonderful written stories to a prison guard.

 Orange is the New Black Season 3 will debut on Netflix on June 12.


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