Chloë Sevigny Checks into American Horror Story: Hotel

Premiere of 'Bloodline'With the departure of Jessica Lange after AHS: Freakshow’s twisted finale, creator Ryan Murphy’s revamp of the series is seeing the return of indie queen Sevigny, as well as a host of other talented stars.

While many (okay, not many, a few maybe) are mourning the loss of Glee, creator Ryan Murphy, who is also the mastermind behind AHS is going full steam ahead on the new stories and after nabbing Lady GaGa for a starring role on the show, the casting announcements have continued on the upcoming fifth season of the anthology show.

Other casting has included the freakishly attractive Matt Bomer (White Collar, The Normal Heart), Broadway actor Cheyenne Jackson and Hunger Games’ Wes Bentley.

Now Murphy has hired indie darling and Academy Award nominated Chloë Sevigny to co-star in Hotel. No word on who any of the cast are set to play, but fans will remember Miss Sevigny on her knees in the second season, Asylum, where500full.jpg she played sex addict Shelley, who met her tragic demise at the hands of Dr. Arden, only to be sort-of revived as a not-so-sexy zombie.

This time however, with a starring role it’s safe to say that this time she won’t be a wasted character.

Sevigny was so close to getting the coveted golden Oscar with a supporting role on Boys Don’t Cry, playing the girlfriend of Hilary Swank’s transgendered character. She won a Golden Globe for her role in the critically acclaimed drama Big Love and has routinly appeared in many indie film projects throughout the years.

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