Trailer #2: Age of Adaline (2015)

Here is the second trailer for the Benjamin Button style fantasy-romance flick starring Mrs Ryan Reynolds, hit the jump!

“All these years you’ve lived but you’ve never had a life” – says Harrison Ford to Blake Lively,  who stars as Adaline Bowman, a family woman who in 1935 becomes involved in a supernatural car accident that stops her from aging. As time goes by she lives a lonely and secluded life while her daughter grows older and older until one day Adaline may discover the key to reversing the curse.

While looking like Nicholas Sparks rip-ff at times, the movie seems to hint at a much deeper core wrapped in layers of romance and beauty, and this second trailer does a fine job at selling the story and it’s impressive cast of timeless and new actors.

Originally scheduled for a January release, the move to April surely means that it’s a film the studio intend to take more seriously and could possibly be a break-out hit. Our big screens are lacking an epic romance to send love hearts emoji’s into our eyes but could this be it?

Directed by: Lee Toland Kreiger

Stars: Blake Lively, Harrison Ford, Ellen Burstyn, Michael Huisman, Amanda Crew and Kathy Baker.

Release: 24 April 2015

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