Pick of the Week: Ariana Grande – Santa Tell Me

Her apparent ‘Diva’ behaviour is making headlines but it’s her voice that’s getting just as much attention. Following in the footsteps of other musical leading ladies (and also reported Diva’s) such as Britney Spears, Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber, the little squeeky siren has released her own Christmas track in time for the holidays titled Santa Tell Me, read my review after the jump;


With a dreamy, hypnotic chime of violins to begin with, much like how all of her ballads start, we are introduced to a sultry chorus with Grande asking Santa if he’s there and begging him to find out if her true love really cares. Aww, how sweet. We are then taken to a picturesque christmas image of snow, mistletoe and all of the other cliches you may find in a romantic Winter Wonderland.

But despite it’s cookie-cutter feel, it’s easy to admit that Ariana has done it again. She’s delivered yet another catchy song that we’ll be singing all throughout the holiday season, that gets better during the last minute, with the surprise introduction of a choir and those high notes we love so much and desperately try to imitate every chance we get, but who cares if we sound like a dying cat? it’s Christmas.

Now for the video:

In one of the most boring Christmas music videos ever, we’re joined in Ariana’s bedroom, as she’s in the middle of earning a place on the Naughty List with her equally attractive friends. Fun and frollics ensue where she basically bounces on the bed in a ridiculously adorable hat and a tailor made onesie, probably Valentino.

Seriously though, is this thing shot on an iPhone 4? Anyway, moving on, Ariana finally gets her lazy ass out of bed to dance in the hallways with more of her friends, just like a regular, old down to Earth girl and definitely not a diva.

The video concludes with two and a half minutes if outtakes, but it’s hard to establish whether they were staged or not, I’ll let you decide.

– All in all, despite the half-effort on the music video, the song fits in nicely in your playlist of Christmas hits alongside: All I Want for Christmas, Santa Can You Hear Me? and whatever Christmas song Michael Buble is deciding to share with us this year.

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