Hack Attack: Is Sony in Trouble?

In case you’e been living under a rock lately, something major has happened to the media industry. Over at Sony Pictures (the company respondible for the delightful,high quality Spider-Man, Men in Black and Resident Evil franchises…) the corporaton found itself under a massive cyber attack, their computers were invaded by an apparent hacktivist group referred to as #GOP. Hit the jump to find out just some of the extremely juicy information that has been revealed:


For starters, the group leaked several of the film company’s movies yet to be released which included the Brad Pitt starer, Fury and the upcoming Annie remake with Jamie Fox and Cameron Diaz. A massive hit to the releases no doubt, but it seemed that those initial leaks were just the tip of the iceberg that could indeed sink Sony faster than the Titanic.

Those meddling hackers also stole secret information from Sony’s files, including the social security numbers of the staff and even private (and vicious) emails from some pretty well-known and high up individuals.

  • Mostly that of co-chairman Amy Pascal, in a feisty feud with famed Producer Scott Rudin. The emails are long but extremely entertaining,  you can find them online but to cut it short. Rudin wanted to move forward with the Steve Jobs biopic directed by David Fincher, but Angelina Jolie went all Maleficent on them and wanted Fincher to direct her passion project, a Cleopatra movie. Pascal wanted to please Malefina but Rudin, demanding Pascal to “shut Angie down” and proceeded to say she had a “rampaging spoiled ego” as well as “minimally talented”, well that makes things awkward. Anyway, Rudin ended up taking the Jobs movie to Universal despite threats from Pascal, which she imediately cut ties and their 30 year friendship. Ouch.
  • Just to fuel the flames, more personal emails surfaced that involved racist banter between Pascal and Rudin, where AP asked SR what she sould ask Obama at a fundraising dinner, to which R replied “Would he like to finance some movies” and here’s where it gets awkward..

AP: “Should I asked him if he liked Django?”

SR: “12 Years?”

AP: “or The Butler, or Think Like a Man?”

SR: “Ride Along, I bet he likes Kevin Hart”

While this naming of movies primarily about African American issues and starring a primary African American cast doesn’t seem to be directly racist, the humour is stale and still reeks of unprofessionalism.

  • The future of Spider Man was also a huge topic of discussion during the leaks. With The Amazingly Underwhelming Spider Man 2 performing lower than expected and critically slated, meetings revealed that the company really doesn’t have any idea what they are going to do next. While discussions between Marvel Studios showed an interest in havingimg1 the web-slinger appear in the Captain America threequel, but dicussion have fallen apart. It also seems the execs weren’t so happy with Andrew Garfield’s negative comments towards why the second spidey installment of the new franchise didn’t go as well any anyone hoped, as they planned to recast the actor if indeed Spiderman was to join Captain America 3.
  • In a peculiar and quite confusing turn of events, leaks revealed that Sony also had discussions with Jonah Hill for a possible Men in Black/22 Jump Street crossover movie. Lord knows how that would turn out and it screams “desperation” to me.

So, the big question is who is responsible for these juicy secrets leaking? – while theories range from rival companies, an inside PR job to the biggest potential culprit … North Korea. It’s no secret that they aren’t happy with Sony’s latest movie, The Interview, which stars James Franco and Seth Rogan as two idiots (no surprise there) who are tasked with assassinating Kim Jong Un.

Overall, it’s interesting to see the inner workings of a huge movie studio and what really goes on behind the scenes. While it’s certainly shed light into the whole situation, it’s important to reserve judgement for arguments and discussions taken out of context. As awful as it sounds, I look forward to seeing how this all pans out, will Pascal leave Sony? what more things will be leaked? and more importantly, will Cleopatra get made?!!

Stay tuned.

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