6 Actors commit to “Suicide”

Yes that’s right comic book nerds everywhere, six actors have been added to the cast of “Suicide Squad”, the WB/DC adaptation of the popular comicbook of the same name, hit the jump to find out more!


The highly anticipated Batman V Superman: Dawn on Justice is set to hit theatres March 2016, and the immediate follow-up in August is Suicide Squad, which follows a team of super-villains who are forced to work together by a government organisation in extremely dangerous missions.

While all of these actors have been heavily rumoured for roles in the project, their roles have been finalised and now the cast consists of:

Tom Hardy as Rick Flagg


A guy rumoured to be in almost everything, Tom Hardy isn’t shy to the comicbook movie world, having recently played the menacing Bane in Nolan’s final Batman movie ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. He will play Rick Flagg, the leader of the squad who is an ex-miliatry member.

Will Smith as Deadshot


The likeable, charismatic action star could have another defining career role on his hands (he is, after all, the Fresh Prince) as Deadshot, an unpredictable assassin, dedicated to any mission he is given who also has a cybernetic eye that grants him supreme accuracy when shooting down a target. While the role sure is different than the “good guy” schtick we’ve seen from Smith, it will be interesting to see him out of his comfort zone.

Jared Leto as Joker


In perhaps the most exciting of these castings is rock superstar and Academy Award winning actor, Jared Leto. The hearthrob deservedly won the award this year for his tearful performance in Dallas Buyers Club, and now he is set to fill the very big shoes of Heath Ledger, as he takes on the disturbingly dark “Joker” – Batman’s arch nemesis. All eyes will surely be on Leto when the film is released, since none of us can forget what a great portrayal Ledger gave in his final performance.

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn


With a breakout performance in the Oscar nominated Wolf of Wall Street, Margot is reaching for the stars with her career, landing the role of Dr. Harleen “Harley Quinn” Quinzel, who doesn’t love a great play on words? – a doctor at Gotham’s insane aylum, turned mad from her love for the Joker. She is as insane as she is beautiful.

Jai Courtney as Boomerang


The actor who’s been in a ton of movies, most of which have been sub-par and basically has him playing a walking meat-head, is hoping to revitalise his short career by playing … Captain Boomerang? You heard me, Australian Courtney will play the (you guesed it..) Austrlian cliche, Captain Boomerang, a villain who possesses deadly skill with several types of upgraded boomerang. I fee like I’ve said “boomerang” way too much.

Cara Delevingne as Enchantress


In a surprising turn of events, full time model and part time actress (although she’s desperately trying to switch these around) has been given the role of Enchantress, also known as the sweet and naive June Moon, who is possessed by a villainous personality with vast magical powers.

Also said to be a part of the project is Jesse Eisenberg, who could possibly reprise his role as Lex Luther, which he will debut in Batman V Superman.

The character of Amanda Waller, the stern leader of the government sect who brings the villains all together is said to be targeted by three big names:

Octavia Spencer (The Help), Oprah Winfrey (Time magazine, The Oprah Winfrey Show, The O Network) and Viola Davis (The Help, How to Get Away with Murder)


All great names, and the cast already seems like something of intrigue. While it sure looks like it would be good fun, only time will tell as to what exactly we can expect from an ambitious project such as this.

So what do you feel about all this? Great casting or a destined failure?

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