Trailer Review: The Age of Adaline

Since hitting our screens in 2007 on the hit CW series “Gossip Girl”, Blake Lively has rose to fame and become a style and cooking icon, while making some apperances in not-so-successful Hollywood movies. However, Queen B is plotting her return to acting with The Age of Adaline, how does the debut trailer rate? Find out after the jump:

A beautiful woman, Adaline (Blake Lively), born at the turn of the 20th Century, is rendered ageless after a freak accident one night. While forced to watch as decades pass and her own daughter grows old (Ellen Burstyn), Adaline subjects herself to a life of isolation. That is until she meets a man who may just help her defy immortality.

While I’m sure many people will see this as Serena van der Woodsen in the 20th century, the trailer gives off a haunting romantic vibe that suggests it could actually be a good movie while it certainly makes you realise that it feels it’s also been a 100 years since we’ve had a decent romance movie (yes, The Notebook is the first one that springs to mind too). Although despite this quality, it doesnt seem to hold the gravitas that a similar movie like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button had.

While director Lee Toland Krieger doesn’t seem to have many credits to his name, a crisp, timely style can be seen throughout the trailer, one which certainly brings an entrancing sort of look to the overall presentation. Plus, with a supporting cast of talents such as Ellen Burstyn, Harrison Ford and Kathy Baker, what could go wrong? Well you’d be surprised, but I am remaining optimistic.

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