REVIEW: Gone Girl (2014)

One of the years most anticipated movies is finally released, but how does it live up to the extraordinary hype? Hit the jump below to find out!

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Starring: Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Neil Patrick Harris, Tyler Perry, Carrie Coon, Missi Pyle and Sela Ward.

Based on the best selling novel of the same name, Gone Girl introduces a chilling and unsettling atmosphere from the first minute and you find yourself imediately emersed into the dark world that Director David Fincher and screenwriter Gillian Flynn (also author of the book, by the way) are presenting.

The story follows awkward writer Nick Dunne (Affleck), who returns home one day to find his beautiful wife Amy (Pike) gone, with the house showing evidence of a struggle. As the mystery deepens and a media circus forming in the small town, there’s only one, murky question on everyone’s lips…did he do it?

What could seem like a by the numbers thriller is transformed into so much more and that is all thanks to the previously mentioned David Fincher, who of course, poured his blood, sweat and tears into this production and it really showed, from the way he contrasts scenes and performances to the flares of subtle humour that shine throughout the meaty content of the movie’s main focus, and it’s this humour that helps ease the tension of the subject material, but only for a second before we become drawn into the thrillride once again.

The film would be nothing, however, if it wasn’t for the fantastic cast involved. Ben Affleck gives an incredibly natural lead performance that full embodies everything Nick Dunne should be; a charming, smart yet highly suspicious man, and it’s these qualities that really make us second guess and continuiously change our opinions of him. Although it truly is Rosamund Pike who steals the show, she delivers such a layered, dynamic performance that will linger with you long after the film has ended, and like a chameleon, Pike changes herself to fit whatever the tone or content of the scene requires her to be. To give credit where credit’s due, the supporting performances of Tyler Perry as Nick’s slick, slimy defence lawyer and Carrie Coon, as Nick’s twin sister, are both to be praised.

To seek out flaws from the movie would be tough, but one of my main concerns came from the ending. The ending was haunting much like the big bulk of the film itself, but there were a couple of scenes where I felt that of it ended there, impact of what was happening would’ve packed more of a punch and instead it becomes a dragged out, lengthy series of twists, twists and more twists that can become overbearing.

Overall, Gone Girl proves itself to be a must-see movie, with engaging performances, clever writing and fantastic directing, all of which will send your mind into a tailspin at some of the themes it brings up. Commentaries on relationships, love and the media are gripping, this 2 and a half hour film “event” almost suffocates you in it’s tense tone but doesn’t let you drown, and it’s that unsettling feeling that elevates it to a cinematic experience worth having.


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