Matriarch of Comedy, Joan Rivers, Dies at 81

The First Lady of comedy, Joan Rivers, an iconic presence in female representation of the comedy scene, passed away earlier today following complications from throat surgery.


The 81 year old comedienne was rushed to hospital after she suffered cardiac arrest last Thursday. She had since been put in a medically induced coma while battling the startling condition. After being moved from the ICU into a private room, her daughter, producer Melissa Rivers announced that she had unfortunately passed away “surrounded by family and close friends”.

Following the announcement, social media blew up with #RIPJoanRivers tweets and status updates, including her hoards of celebrity fans she met over the years, including: Ellen Degeneres, Ariana Grande, Ryan Seacrest, David Letterman, Bette Midler and fellow comedian Kathy Griffin to name just a few.

The Emmy Award winning host had a long and exciting career that spanned over 50 years, with her most latest project being the host of E!’s weekly comedy show, Fashion Police, where she brought her laugh out loud, absurd humour and hilarious one liners to critiquing celebrity style.

As summer has ended, we’ve seen the loss of great personalities in the industry: Robin Williams, Lauren Becall, Richard Attenborough and now Joan Rivers.

Rest in Peace Joan, and thanks for the laughs.

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