Ariana Grande – Break Free (Review)

The pint-sized pop Princess releases another single from her her highly anticipated upcoming album “My Everything”, but how does the follow up to the worldwide smash-hit Problem, sound? Hit the jump to find out my verdict.


Break Free begins as a futuristic thumping dance anthem, and continues the empowering tone from start to finish. The song tells of Grande ‘breaking free’ from a toxic relationship, finally breaking the shackles of a relationship and becoming who she really “are”. Yes, that was an actual lyric. My inner grammar Nazi is yelling from the rooftops at some of the ridiculous and blatantly incorrect lyrics, but the bigger, more dominant part of me simply doesn’t care, much like Ariana as she sings “this is, the part when I say I don’t want ya” and insisting she’s “stronger than I’ve been before”, which will surely be a staple phrase for broken hearts everywhere during the last few weeks of summer.

Check out the music video below:





Inspired by sci-fi epic’s such as Star Wars and Barbarella, the video is 100% campy, ridiculous fun and after an over the top, yet chuckling introduction, Ariana Grande steps into action as an intergalactic super-heroine, intent on saving her detained dancing troupe from aliens, giant robots and a bearded war-load using the go-go boots from her Problem video, a laser gun and…. missile launching boobs?

Several cuts show the singer floating around in a space station a la Sandra Bullock, slowly stripping down to a minimal metallic ensemble for the bridge.

A departure from her usual R&B sound, Break Free takes Grande to a completely EDM platform that feels eerily comfortable for her and surprisingly natural to hear. The song hits all the right notes (especially the high ones, of course) and it’s universally relatable lyrics of freedom are ones that will entrance you to once again adore another one of her insanely addictive tracks. 



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