Pick of the Week: Colbie Caillat – Try

The ethereal songstress Colbie Caillat brings us her latest dreamy, summer single in the form of “Try”, an anthem of acceptance, self-confidence and appreciating all forms of beauty. Hit the jump to read my review.


Surely riding high from her single “Hold On”, produced and co-written by Ryan Tedder which took her in a rather different, yet refreshing musical direction, Caillat once again strips down (musically and physically, for the video) with Try, emphasizing the idea of simplicity in beauty that the lyrics represent. With gentle strums of the guitar and faded taps of the piano keys, the song’s haunting melody successfully compliments the meaningful words without overpowering them, allowing Caillat to get her point across.

“You don’t have to try” is a sentence that echoes throughout the chorus in a sort of spectacular subliminal message, which becomes a nice diversion from the sheer audio product placement of buying hookers and sports cars that we’re hearing constantly on the radio. “Look into the mirror at yourself, don’t you like you? cause I like you”, she says finally to both of her loyal and the new fans she is sure to acquire after they hear this track.

Now let’s discuss the music video:

The social media has blown-up over the video, and it’s not hard to see why. We see Colbie herself, dolled up in make-up and hair extensions along with other women of all sizes, ethnicities and ages. As the song progresses we see the layers of what society see’s as “beauty” peel away, revealing the women in all of their natural glory, until the Californian singer is left bare-faced (and still looking stunning, I may add)

If anyone is looking for a role model, then put your faith in Miss Caillat. While many pop singers release a self-acceptance anthem, it’s hard to believe them when the next week they’re contradicting their message by twerking on stage head to toe in gold chains and clown make-up. But this is the real deal, a beautiful, inspiring song complete with a music video to remember.


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