Pick of the Week: Chlöe Howl – Disappointed

The talented 19 year old BBC Sound of 2014 nominee, Chlöe Howl recently toured the UK and Europe as the supporting act for Ellie Goulding’s energetic Halcyon Days Tour, that surely provided a huge spotlight for the up and coming artist. Hit the jump to read my review of her latest single “Disappointed”.


Opening with a smiley acoustic guitar solo, Disappointed quickly introduces a thumping and punchy pop beat as Howl sings about a love interest who’s slowly become someone she doesn’t recognise. Her British accent is ever-present in her singing, which adds that extra edge needed to give her lyrics some personal depth. “Well frankly I’m just disappointed, I liked you like you were, a loser I prefer” – she makes the point, through a quicker, more catchier slew of synths in the chorus.

While at times it can feel like a very generic by-the-numbers pop song, Disappointed will undoubtedly have you nodding your head and yelling “I just get disappointed!” out of the car window as you think about every idiot that’s disappointed you in your life.

In a refreshing setting, the music video takes place at a Roller Derby track, with Howl playing the skimpily dressed coach of a rival team, The Derby Dolls, who’s own coach (a very attractive man, I may add) is getting it on with two of his players.. behind their backs! drama alert. Shots of the roller derby matches play in-between a dancing Chlöe Howl and the hot coach giving private 1-to-1 lessons .. if you know what I mean, until Howl reveals his sordid secret to the girls, prompting both teams to join forces and bash him the hell out of there.

A pretty cool video to compliment a pretty cool song. A nice fit to the summer slate of music, Disappointed is a track that I’m sure (and hope) will get Howl further onto the map and fits nicely with the Katy, Kesha and Ellie tracks we’re sure to get more of in the coming months.

You can pre-order ‘Disappointed’ now on iTunes!

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