Pick of the Week: Ariana Grande – Problem (ft. Iggy Azalea)

Her debut album “Yours Truly” gained an extremely fresh rating for me when it was released last year and the lead single, The Way, was a global hit. Now, Nickelodeon’s teen queen has released the first track from her upcoming yet-to-be-titled album, but does it have the same spark as her previous efforts? Hit the jump below to find out!


Of course it does!- the song opens up to some sexy saxophone notes that is sure to make this song a summer success. What is it about hearing a good sax in the summer that get’s us so hot and bothered? – I don’t know but I like it. Amongst some playful laughs from the tiny songstress herself, Australian import Iggy Azalea introduces us to the song we’ll have on repeat for the next, oh, about three months.

The comparison’s to 90’s Mariah Carey will still be inevitable, but who didn’t love her sharp, breathy tones? – Ariana sings about a guy she really shouldn’t like, the self-titled problem in her life that she can’t shake, “I should be wiser and realise that I’ve got…” she declares, until being interrupted by the sexy, dulcet deep whispers of Big Sean (who’s sporting a lot jewellery in the video, probably wearing his ex-Naya’s rolex….). “I got one less problem without you” he says as he finishes her sentence, awh, how sweet.

Iggy-Iggz herself soon shows up to guest-rap some lines on the track, forgetting the fact she’s Australian and instead adopting a Brooklyn (?) accent as usual, “understand my life is easy when I ain’t around’choo”, she sneezes and continues to roast the bad-boy in a way Ariana couldn’t. Of course there’s a reference to Jay Z’s 99 Problems in there too.

Here’s the video:

Ariana sports the same hairstyle she’s had everyday for the past 2+ years, so there’s nothing new there, apart from the throwback white gogo boots which I’m not very sure about. But either way, it’s a nice video featuring lots of dancing, back flips, gymnastics and … a contortionist? – We can’t forget how amazing Iggy looks in a Brigitte Bardot inspired look.

I’m sure we can all relate to the infectious lyrics of the age-old tale about that bad boy in our lives we should forget about but can’t seem to shake. This combined with the ever-amazing voice of Miss Ariana Grande simply elevates the lyrics to a new level. Iggy, the saxophone and even Big Sean’s whispering make it the all-round song of the summer.

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