Eurovision Song Contest 2014

Everyone’s favourite annual cheese-fest happened last night. Of course I’m talking about the Eurovision Song Contest, which brings qualifying countries in Europe together to sing their hearts out for the coveted honour of hosting next years event.


Last years winning song from Denmark titled “Only Teardrops” performed by Emmelie de Forest meant that this year the contest took place in Copenhagen. While the hosting was unfunny, unentertaining and pretty generic, the contest itself had a host of talented singers and some wonderful songs.

But it was the bearded lady herself, Conchita Wurst representing Austria, who beat out some tough competition to take the crown with her song “Rise Like a Phoenix”, which sounds like it came straight from a Bond film with it’s orchestral feel, invincible lyrics and belting voice to boot.

Other honourable mentions from the night come from The Common Linnets from the Netherlands who came deservingly in second place, singing the beautiful country song “Calm After the Storm”.

The colourful band Pollapönk from Iceland brought fun and entertainment to the show with their incredible catchy song “No Prejudice”.

Representing the UK (and my country) was Molly, who sang “Children of the Universe” a song I didn’t think much of when I initially heard it but seeing her perform it live made me a believer. It’s unfortunate she didn’t place as well as hoped (17/26 in-fact).

As usual, the content was entertaining for all intents and purposes and it’s wonderful to see Europe look past a controversial LGBT representative such as Conchita and reward her for her amazing performance. Brava!

Bring on next year.

2 thoughts on “Eurovision Song Contest 2014

  1. Great description of the event. I can’t say I’m a massive fan of the contest in general, but I do see why people love it. It’s just so camp. I have friends who have Eurovision parties to watch it every year, many of which I have been to. No chance of us ever winning though, is there? It’s all political, and everyone hates us.

    • We have won in the past and came in 5th in 2009 with “My Time”. So we can do very well it’s just we don’t chose good enough songs.

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