Editorial: The Problem with Social Media

It’s pretty ironic that I’m talking about social media and it’s problems, but it’s a phenomenon that has experienced a huge surge in those getting involved in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as many others and what was once only a place for teenagers, has since expanded to support a wide variety of ages.

But why do we find such a sense of security by throwing up our pictures and facts of our lives online for all to see? Since when did privacy go out of the window? It’s a puzzling concept that has become a part of everyday life without question or afterthought.

Please excuse 13 year old me ^ – yes I started young.

Don’t get me wrong, there are times when I thank the lords of Facebook for letting me reconnect with old friends or stay in touch with relatives who are far far away. But it seems that those fairytale uses are archaic and now social networking has become a virtual nightclub, or in other words, a bridge to the nearest available bedroom.

Taking sexual intent out of the equation, social networking has bred another cause for concern, one I am completely guilty of, and I’ll explain and as wise philosopher once said “but first…let me take a selfie”…

That’s right, selfies are another “problem” spawned from social media. C’mon, we’ve all locked ourselves in our bathroom or stood next to some bright light to take a quick pic. There’s just a strange satisfaction we gain from putting a highly edited photograph of ourselves up online and waiting to find that self-worth we desperately think we need. As my Instagram account proves, I need to put down the phone and experience the real world and take pictures of memories not a close-up image of my face. It’s not hard to see a correlation between insecurity and “selfies”, in the end it’s another fight for perfection.

Gone are those days of innocence, when we cared more about being liked than getting likes.

Before I go, here’s another selfie of mine through the years, say hello to 16 year old Kyle.


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