Editorial: 86th Academy Awards (2014) – My Predictions

The award season is almost over, and it leaves the biggest prize to the end. This is of course the coveted, the honourable, the shiny … Oscar! – It has been a very tough year for all the films nominated with competition like no other. We can praise this however, because the sheer quality of films that have come out in 2013 have been amazing.

As the title says, I will be sharing with you my opinions on who I think should win as well as who I think will win on that exciting Sunday ceremony. As you will see, I’ve made some pretty bad graphics to go along with this article, so feel appreciated!

Best Pic copy

Who I Want to Win:  I loved most of these, but I have to say 12 Years a Slave, mostly because it impacted on me the most. It was a very, very memorable film, with a clear message and someamazing acting as well as thoughtful direction from McQueen.

Who I Think Will Win: 12 Years seems like the frontrunner, but American Hustle has been getting a lot of buzz lately. I personally didn’t see the hype. I’d also be happy if Dallas Buyers Won too.

Best Leading Actor

Who I Want to Win: C’mon, every one of these gave an amazing, career defining performance, but probably Matthew McConaughey for me. He played a multi-dimensional character and played him with so much depth and empathy. Either McConaughey or Ejiofor.

Who I think Will Win: McConaughey has been slaying awards season so far, but there has been a lot of attention of Leonardo DiCaprio to, he is overdue an Oscar win.

Best Supporting Act

Who I Want to Win: Bradley Cooper and Jonah Hill weren’t exceptional for me, they didn’t stand out amongst the cast, the only person that did was Fassbender and Leto, and I hope the latter wins. Leto was flawless in Dallas Buyers Club, he played Rayon with so much emotional depth that you really invested in his character.

Who I Think Will Win: Leto again, has been dominating the supporting actor category all awards season, so I think the Academy will once again give him the Oscar. Although it’s worth noting that Michael Fassbender was so memorable in 12 Years, and I’m happy he’s nominated.

Best Leading Actress

Who I Want to Win: Is this even a question? Cate Blanchett of course. Her portrayal of a mentally unhinged woman, fallen from grace was a “how to” guide for any actress. While Meryl Streep comes in second for me, she played a character that I have never seen her play before and really put her heart and soul into the performance.

Who I Think Will Win: Like with McConaughey and Leto, Blanchett seems like a sure-fire winner but there is speculation that Sandra Bullock could be the dark horse and defy gravity (and reality) to take the Oscar, but I don’t think so.

Best Supporting ACTRESS

Who I Want to Win: I may be in the minority here, but I really think Julia Roberts deserves it. Her character was gritty, intense and Roberts played it with so much commitment that she was able to take on acting legend Meryl Streep. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Jennifer Lawrence and Lupita Nyong’o but they didn’t impress me as much as Julia. In second place I’d chose June Squibb, she was nothing short of amazing in Nebraska.

Who I Think Will Win: It’s the most unpredictable of the acting categories. But it’s definitely down to Lawrence and Nyong’o, both of them were fantastic but I think Lupita will win.


Who I Want to Win: Let it Go. No other option. That song has resonated amongst audiences all across the world, it’s a global hit whose message has transcended that beyond just an original song from a movie and is one both children and adults can enjoy and relate to.

Who I Think Will Win: Let it Go and Ordinary Love are tied in Best Song awards, so it could go either way, I think (and hope) Frozen’s smash hit will take the trophy.

Best Original Screenplay

So we’ve come to the end of my homemade graphics, my apologies, but I just couldn’t be bothered, whoops!

The nominees are:

  • Her – Spike Jonze
  • Blue Jasmine – Woody Allen
  • American Hustle – Ed Warren Singer & David O. Russell
  • Dallas Buyers Club – Craig Borten & Melissa Wallack
  • Nebraska – Bob Nelson


Who I Want to Win: Her, that film combined humour with drama in a way that felt natural and relevant to the story. The wording was so poetic, it emphasised the love story in every way possible. I’d also be happy with Nebraska winning, again, the film was successful with its mixture of comedy and drama.

Who I Think Will Win: Her has been winning for its screenplay and it’s very well deserved. I think American Hustle may just win though…unfortunately.

Best Adapted Screenplay

The nominees are:

  • Before Midnight – Richard Linklater, Julie Deply & Ethan Hawke
  • Captain Phillips – Billy Ray
  • Philomena – Steve Coogan & Jeff Pope
  • 12 Years a Slave – John Ridley
  • The Wolf of Wall Street – Terence Winter


Who Want to Win: Admittedly I haven’t seen Before Midnight, but going on those I have seen, I really want The Wolf of Wall Street to win. It had it’s ridiculous moments but those were very well written, the comedy was great and I do applaud its screenplay.

Who I Think Will Win:  Either 12 Years a Slave or The Wolf of Wall Street, I can see the Academy choosing either one of them.

Best Original Score

The nominees are:

  • The Book Thief – John Williams
  • Her – William Butler & Owen Pallett
  • Philomena – Alexandre Desplat
  • Gravity – Stephen Price
  • Saving Mr. Banks – Thomas Newman


Who I Want to Win: This is so hard to chose. Her, Philomena and Saving Mr. Banks had outstanding scores, probably Philomena for me, it was so beautiful.

Who I Think Will Win: Probably Gravity, it seems to be getting a lot of praise for its nominations in the sound categories.

Best Director

The nominees are:

  • American Hustle – David O. Russell
  • Gravity – Alfonso Cuaron
  • Nebraska – Alexander Payne
  • 12 Years a Slave – Steve McQueen
  • The Wolf of Wall Street – Martin Scorsese


Who I Want to Win: Again, a hugely tough category. But I’m going to go with 12 Years a Slave, his style of filming was beautiful, but he ultimately put together a masterpiece. Although I’d be very happy with Alfonso Cuaron.

Who I Think Will Win: He’s been dominating the directing categories for his stellar work on Gravity and it will be no surprise to see him win. It will definitely be deserved.


So those were my opinions and predictions on the 86th Academy Awards. Perhaps I’m wrong, or maybe I’m right, we’ll see on Sunday! – Who do you want to see take home that golden statuette?

One thought on “Editorial: 86th Academy Awards (2014) – My Predictions

  1. Jennifer Lawrence. The only reason why I’m gonna watching Oscars. I really don’t want to care who wins because I’m really not a huge fan of the whole Hollywood thing and Oscars.

    I just care because Jen will always be the first reason in many aspects of movies and film industry to me.
    Thanks to her I started watching movies I would never watch before I became such a huge fan of her. Thanks to her I saw all her movies, I’m going to watch them all again and I can’t wait to see her another one. Thanks to her I started thinking about my own future. Thanks to her I’d even go to London just to see her “live” on The Hunger Games premiere. Maybe one day my love/obsession will end but I hope it will never ever happen. (I’m also such a blind fan that all her dresses are always so beautiful in my eyes if she wears them even though I find out later that people make a fun of them).
    I want to stand by her and support her every day I’m gonna spend watching movies which is something what has always been one of my most favorite hobbies but I have never watched all movies because of one actor in it before I saw Jen. Winter’s bone is not my cup of tea but if there were only two movies on the Earth and the other one was 12 years a slave I’d watch Winter’s Bone all the times the same goes to American Hustle. I’m really not a fan of movies like 12 years a slave. Lupita was good but it didn’t make an impact on me and I’ll forget it sooner or later.

    Thank you, Jennifer.

    PS: I’m also such an obsessed fan that one girl from a village I live in reminds me of Jennifer just because of how she has her hair done. Crazy, huh?!

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