Alexz Johnson (UK Tour Gig Review)

I have been a fan of hers for so many years and finally I got to see her perform live in a joint gig with the incredible Wakey!Wakey! and Ron Pope, and let me tell you, it didn’t disappoint.

Alexz was first on stage and so had to warm up the audience, which is never an easy take for any performer, but she did a great job. Her music  isn’t as well known in the UK music scene as it is in the states but the audience quickly warmed up to her kind personality after she shared thoughtful and funny stories with us all that only amplified the experience of hearing her songs live.

She’s a singer, songwriter and actress and you may recognise her from Final Destination 3, Instant Star or even Smallville but throughout all those acting gigs she’s maintained a steady involvement in music and she showcased her experience by sharing some great songs during the gig from her EP’s “Heart” and “Skipping Stone” – she’s like a subtle Stevie Nicks when she belts out the emotive lyrics of her songs and it’s both mesmerising and exciting to watch, I felt like I was hearing the tracks for the first time again. What’s also great is that she shared an exclusive song with us that she wrote and sang herself for the upcoming third season of the original YouTube series “Blue”  (which is a damn good show, check it out).

American Dreamer is a song that lifts you to an otherworldly plane of inspiration, it’s lyrics of freedom and aspiration resonate through her voice as it does with This is Heartache and there’s no doubt in your mind that you believe every word she is singing.

I also had the pleasure of meeting her after the set and even after an exhausting performance she was still very much the friendly, warm person she was on stage and was completely willing to sign merch, have photos taken and chat with fans.

Also, to add, Wakey!Wakey! was fantastic at erupting the audience into laughter, his natural charm and humour entertained us as much as his incredible music did and finally Ron Pope showcased his talent for catchy songwriting by performing some amazing songs for us all, ending the whole experience on a high with his cult hit “A Drop in the Ocean” that certainly pleased his extremely loyal fanbase.

Image ^ Photo taken by me ❤

You can purchase Alexz Johnson’s EP “Heart” from iTunes on February 18th in US/Canada and Febrary 17th in the UK.


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