Cherry’s Pick of the Week: Colbie Caillat – Hold On

The beach beauty is kicking off the 2014 music scene with a haunting, transcendent track called “Hold On”.

Known for her soft sunny songs that have proven to be the OST of many summers, CoCo’s latest single is showing a different side to her. “Hold On” features her usual lyrics of love but this time she combines them with an dance-like backing beat that hooks you in from the start.

Her voice is perfection and in this song it seems to be reminiscent of Lykke Li in it’s ability to subtly tell the story of the song in different pitches.  Sure the lyrics are simple, the constant repetition of “oh oh oh oh” seem to be too generic in this generation of music, but Colbie does this in a way that is fresh and upbeat and you’ll definitely be “holding on” to this song on your iPod.

The musical genius that is Ryan Tedder co-wrote and produced this song and the musical direction he’s taking Colbie is getting me excited to see what she follows this flawless track with.

Check out the video below:

The single is available on iTunes now! Go buy it.

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