Salem (2014) TV Trailer Review

I’m going to kick off my TV section by bringing the the first official trailer for WGN America’s upcoming supernatural drama, “Salem”. This may be a channel you won’t have heard of in the states, since I hear it mostly relies on syndicated reruns from other shows. But it makes it’s first venture into original drama with this show.

“Salem” gives a supernatural spin on the infamous Salem Witch Trials that have since become an important part of America’s history. It explores the ‘real’ witches of Salem, who are not what they seem and is set in 17th Century Massachusetts and examines a time of sexual intrigue, power and mystery.

The show stars: Janet Montgomery, Ashley Madekwe, Shane West, Xander Berkley, Tamzin Merchant and Seth Gabel.

Check out the trailer:

My Verdict:

I mean wow, just wow. This looks hella’ creepy and is definitely getting me excited for it. It seems to be a show that will have a lot of grit, something that will scare us and keep us hooked. I hope it can live up to it’s expectations because this could be one of my favourite shows of 2014 if it handles the mystery and magic right.

Can I just say, Janet Montgomery is pretty damn scary as the star and creepy-voice you can hear in the trailer. Also, I’m a huge fan of witches and I think 2014 could be reigning season of witches. Bring. It. On.

It seems as though this is what this season of American Horror Story should’ve been like, not that I don’t enjoy Coven, I think it’s great, it just has a very messy plot. Time will tell. No word on the release date for UK or outisde of the US, but for those Americans reading, be sure to watch the season premiere on April 20th.

What do you guys think?

Sweet or Sour?

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