Editorial: Sex and the City vs Girls


Here is my first editorial, and while the title suggests it’s a war  between the smash hit series Sex and the City and HBO’s more recent show, Girls, it’s a more of a comparison and an acknowledgement on how they are similar and why you’ll love them.

So here we go!

The Plot:

A writer in New York City struggles, along with her three best friends, with personal relationships as they each begin to learn more about intimacy, love and most of all, sex. (sounds familiar, right? This plot can easily be inserted into either SATC or Girls’ summary.)

The Characters:

Hannah Horvath and Carrie Bradshaw


So, these two leading ladies are both writers in New York City, who both believe they are the voices of a generation (Hannah more than Carrie…) Both of them struggle with a key relationship as the series progresses, and although their struggle is quite different, there are often similarities to be found.

Carrie is known for her flawless fashion statements, while Hannah isn’t really seen as the “fashionista” of the group and likes to keep her style quirky. Hannah is definitely more of a hot-mess than Carrie but it tends to be her own fault.

While SJP has always been reluctant to be as revealing as her co-stars, Lena Dunham shows no fear when she’s practically naked in every episode and is proud of her anti-Hollywood figure, as she should be.

Marnie Michaels and Miranda Hobbes


Marnie is a character who’s more “uptight” than the rest of the girls and Miranda has been known to be more grounded herself. These women are very forthright with their views and will often criticise or guide people even when they don’t necessarily want it.

They’re the career-driven women ( and control freaks) of their respective groups who can often make shady decisions, but still remain loyal and even under-appreciated at times.

Jess Johansson and Samantha Jones


These feisty, free-spirited blondes are a force not to be messed with. They’re very liberal when it comes to sex and are especially blunt in the way they speak about it, making no apologies for their actions or what comes out (or even in) their mouths.

They’re very fashion forward but it’s what they wear that makes a difference. Jessa adores her flowing, loose fitted clothing while Samantha prefers her garments tight and revealing.

Shoshanna Shapiro and Charlotte York


They are the babies of the group. They are slightly younger and far more naive than the other girls. Charlotte and Shoshanna (even sharing similar first syllables!) are prudes when it comes to sex, Char because she’s ‘classy’ and Sho because she’s a virgin. Yet despite their sexual frustrations, these girls are perky and bubbly and their innocence is what makes them adorable to watch.

The Sex Scenes

SATC broke boundaries for its pretty graphic portrayal of sex on television ad Girls seems to be pushing that limit to the highest, with even more graphic displays of sex, but keeping it more real by adding the awkwardness of the act itself. You have to applaud Girls for stepping up the sex-game.

The Comedy

What’s great about SATC was that it was a fairly light show that had some funny one-liners that, thanks to a tech-savvy generation, are perfect for memes.  We love to laugh at the awkward sexual situations the girls get themselves into (mostly Samantha).

Girls is very similar in the sense that it’s the (there’s that word again) ‘awkwardness’ that appeals to us, although it’s realism (and controversy, I’m sure) that Lena Dunham aspires to when writing the show. Graphically and verbally  it’s definitely more racy.


Girls is quite obviously “inspired” heavily by Sex and the City, and who can blame Lena? SATC is an iconic show that is stilly relevant today and will be in many years to come. We’ve all been waiting for a show that can fill the deep, dark void that SATC left and Girls does a good job at preventing our hunger.

I’d recommend you watch it!

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