Disney’s ‘Frozen’ (2013) Film Review


I must apologise for the late review, I’ve been having technical difficulties and I’m sure you’ve probably all already seen Frozen, but incase you haven’t, here is my very honest take on the animated blockbuster.

What’s it about?

In the kingdom of Arandelle, the King and Queen have two young daughters, one of them, Elsa (Idina Menzel) possess the magical ability to create ice and snow from her fingertips, but after this power almost kills her younger sister Anna (Kristen Bell), her parents forbid Elsa from using this power and isolate her from the world … and her sister. Years later, upon the King and Queen’s death, Elsa is next in line for the thrown, but a series of events unleash Elsa’s power and sentences Arandelle to an eternal winter and so she flees for the mountains. Anna sets out to find Elsa and save the kingdom with the help of a mountain-man, Kristoff (Jonathan Groff)

My Verdict

Frozen begins with the sheer charm that all of the Disney animated movies possess, it has a whimsical feel to it that instantly transports you to this beautiful setting of Arandelle and we immediately see the sisterly-love of the two Princesses that makes us actually begin to care about what happens to them very early on.

The actresses who star in this movie, Idina Menzel (best known for her role on Glee and a well-known musical icon) has the right maturity in her voice that reflects everything Elsa’s has been forced to go through, and not to mention the way she belts out her signature “Let It Go” song, which is by far the highlight moment on the entire movie. I was impressively surprised with Kristen Bell’s voice, as it is very suited to a Disney movie.

As you can probably expect, Josh Gad as Olaf is the standout character, he is a scene stealer who brings the majority of the comedy and will make you laugh every single time.

The animation style is incredible, some of the work that goes into creating the “ice effect” of Elsa’s powers is visually stunning, and meticulously crafted thanks to a great animation department and without the obvious dedication, the film would certainly not be as good.

Here’s where it lets me down. Frozen, however good it may be, lacks originality. Way too many moments felt like it was simply repeating the story of Tangled, Disney’s previous hit animation, I’m not going to go into details as of why, but if you are a fan of Tangled, then you will recognise them instantly. Also, some elements of the plot are way cheesier than the normal modern Disney variety and if you’re part of the older audience, you will find yourself cringing on your seat.

Overall, I know people are saying “The old Disney is back!” in regards to this movie, but I feel like Disney had already been back with Tangled, but either way, Frozen is a visual, audible masterpiece that is amazingly voiced by unappreciated stars who gets their chance to shine here. It’s a film for all ages and one that can be enjoyed time and time again.


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