The Sky’s The Limit (Sky Ferreira – ‘Night Time, My Time’ Review)

Errrm. Yes. This is the actual album cover!

The controversial model, known for her grunge style and her DGAF attitude finally releases her long-awaited debut album in the form of “Night Time, My Time” and It’s safe to say, it does not disappoint.

Although (somehow) not yet a household name, Ferreira had previously released the incredibly catchy “Sex Rules” and “One” and has since gained a large internet cult following.

This album will please those long-time supporters as well as those brand new to the 21-year-old songstress. Miss Ferreira delivers an edgy, pop-rock sound that compliments her breathy, seductive vocals to give the listeners a transient escape that you’ll want to keep reliving.

My Highlights 

4. Nobody Asked Me (If I Was Okay) – A pulsating pop song with a rough-razor bass behind Sky’s argumentative yells of rebellion. A very catchy, shout-out-loud chorus with a soft interlude of verses.

7. You’re Not the One – A song about unrequited love, and that certainly comes across in the tone of her voice, and the powerful, straight-forward lyrics that expresses exactly how she feels. No substitutions for the truth are allowed in this track.

10. I Will – A song that is certainly reminiscent of the cool. sophisticated sound of Blondie, her voice even echoes a hint of the great Debbie Harry in the chorus.

11. Love in Stereo – A flashback to the 80’s is what adds charisma and a stand-out factor to this song. Love in Stereo adds everything that made 80’s music so timeless and put it in one single, incredible track.

My Verdict:

She’s getting great reviews from critic, and as an unprofessional, very amateur critic I can agree with them.  Sky Ferreira has reinvented herself, and has brought an exciting sound to the forefront that combines her rebellious attitude with catchy pop-melodies, thus creating an album worthy of your ears.


To stay up to date with Sky Ferreira and her music, follow her on Twitter: @SkyFerreira

You can purchase this album NOW from iTunes.

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