A Grande Debut (Ariana Grande – ‘Yours Truly’ Review)

Image Ariana Grande, a name only children under 13 would’ve been familiar with, due to her role on the hit musical Nickelodeon show “Victorious”, will soon be a name that everyone will know.

  Yours Truly is the debut album from the vocal whistling starlet, as she embarks on a much anticipated musical career. The record itself combines vintage musical elements from the 50’s and 60’s and 90’s to produce a soft, silken sound that definitely stands out from the EDM crowd that has pounded our ear-drums into submission.

My Highlights:

1.Honeymoon Avenue – Definitely one of my favourites, it’s the perfect song to set the tone of the entire album. It’s a soft, mellow power ballad that showcases her hugely impressive vocals and some background scat-singing which somehow doesn’t sound ridiculously cheesy.

2. Baby I – Almost seems to come straight from Mariah Carey’s cutting room floor (and that isn’t a bad thing), ‘Baby I’ is a throwback to the 90’s, with plenty of finger-snapping to compliment the cheesy lyrics that you can’t help but sing and snap-a-long to.

6. Piano – A catchy, clappy song that stands out to me. You’ll be singing it in your head for days. Grande belts out the verses while lowering her register for a sultry chorus.  Who knew a song about a piano could be so fun?

8. The Way (ft. Mac Miller)  – Of course, her first single needed to be on this list. The Way is the song that started it all. While confusingly not making a big impact in the UK (tut tut Britain), the song was a hit in the states and it’s not hard to see why.  An incredibly catchy song with a refreshing beat, not to mention those whistle-tones.

The Weak Links:

3. Right There (ft. Big Sean) – I just wasn’t into this. Perhaps it’s because it sounds way too much like “The Way” – whether intentional or not. Big Sean was a good addition, but in a battle of The Way vs Right There … well, you listen for yourself.

12. Better Left Unsaid – Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good song, it just felt very out of place on Yours Truly. It felt like an uneasy mix of different decades in one song. From the slow, romantic setting of the 60’s to the cringe-worthy “If you wanna party put your hands up” random input from a man who seems to have “hacked” the song.

My Verdict:

This is by far one of the best albums I’ve listened to in 2013. Every song is memorable, whether they fit in with the tone or not. Ariana Grande with Yours Truly has set herself up as the next big musical sensational and one to continue to watch, also, as a rare pop singer that doesn’t need auto-tune to sound great.

If you want a collection of music that is romantic, catchy, filled with impressive vocals and feels like a celebration to decades past, then get this album!


To keep up to date with Ariana Grande and her music, follow her on Twitter: @ArianaGrande

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