Editorial: Life is Too Damn Short

The idea for this topic came to me recently, in one of the saddest ways possible, through a conversation about a friend of a friend who, at just 25 years old, has already experienced enough tragedy to last a lifetime.

This conversation made me think about life itself – don’t worry, not in some doom and gloom ‘in the shower’ sort of way, but in a way that stops you in your tracks.


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Editorial: The Problem with Social Media

It’s pretty ironic that I’m talking about social media and it’s problems, but it’s a phenomenon that has experienced a huge surge in those getting involved in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as many others and what was once only a place for teenagers, has since expanded to support a wide variety of ages.

But why do we find such a sense of security by throwing up our pictures and facts of our lives online for all to see? Since when did privacy go out of the window? It’s a puzzling concept that has become a part of everyday life without question or afterthought.

Please excuse 13 year old me ^ – yes I started young.

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Ellie Goulding at the O2 in London (Review)

Riding high from her BRIT win, being named Britain’s top female solo artist, London-born Ellie Goulding celebrated with a host British gigs all across the country and even taking the your stateside to the US. I managed to see her live at the incredible O2 arena.

Hit the jump to read my review!

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Review: The 86th Academy Awards (2014)

The annual Academy Awards happened last night which was hosted by the fantastic Ellen DeGeneres, a safe choice, sure, especially compared to the controversial Seth Macfarlane last year (which I liked…) but still, the choice of a universally liked host like this certainly paid off. Hit the jump to read my review of the night!



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Editorial: 86th Academy Awards (2014) – My Predictions

The award season is almost over, and it leaves the biggest prize to the end. This is of course the coveted, the honourable, the shiny … Oscar! – It has been a very tough year for all the films nominated with competition like no other. We can praise this however, because the sheer quality of films that have come out in 2013 have been amazing.

As the title says, I will be sharing with you my opinions on who I think should win as well as who I think will win on that exciting Sunday ceremony. As you will see, I’ve made some pretty bad graphics to go along with this article, so feel appreciated!

Best Pic copy

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Review: Dallas Buyers Club (2013)

Road to the Oscars: there’s only four days left until the coveted Oscar night and I’m reviewing one of the hottest films to come out in 2013 for it’s sheer appeal in the critics circles as well as winning multiple awards already and is nominated for six Academy awards. So hit the jump to find out what I thought, does it really live up to the hype?


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